Design a better tomorrow.

About Me.

Hello, I’m John. I am a lifelong enthusiast of design and engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy working with my hands by either building a computer or working on my car. During my time as an avionics specialist for the B2- A Stealth Bomber, I found a passion for problem-solving and the ability to work effectively with a team. I left the Air Force as an observant, focused and highly motivated veteran ready to change the world for the better through design.

I returned to New Hampshire to study Industrial Design, a melting pot of engineering, design and problem-solving. Through each project I embark, I find that the field is a perfect fit to my skill set and personality. I enjoy working as a team and combining the best of each individual to brainstorm and conceptualize products that previously seemed impossible. I also thrive in the creative freedom when working as an individual and presenting my work in front of others.

Each day I strive to become better in all aspects of design, whether it be sketching, 3-D CAD or prototyping. Thank you for viewing and enjoy!