“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.”
Alan Turing

The Full Story.

Hello, I’m John.

I am a lifelong enthusiast of design and engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy working with my hands by either building a computer or working on my car. During my time as an avionics specialist for the B2-A Stealth Bomber, I found a passion for problem-solving and the ability to work effectively with a team. I left the Air Force as an observant, focused and highly motivated veteran ready to change the world for the better through design.

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Featured Projects.

Design a Better Tomorrow.

Each project that I cross paths with contains a unique story, direction, and the potential to improve the lives of others. Lessons of the last bring new inspiration and ideas for the next, fulfilling another cycle of continuous improvement. As long as we follow the ethos of thoughtful human-centered design, it will lead us to creating a positive impact in the lives of millions.