Blast Off Baby Monitor

The objective of this project was to alleviate the problem areas of products intended for new parents with children ages 3-6. The direction of a child monitoring system was chosen through product category research and a series of interviews with six different individuals who met the criteria.

The research led me down the path of security with a focus with locally stored data. The result was a system that consists of three separate units, each with a specific function. The hub controls the entire system, it contains a high-speed NVMe solid-state drive that locally stores captured data and footage. The handheld monitor is a dedicated portal to view and interact with the system. It operates solely on the secure frequency band directly to the hub. This way the user will always have a clear and stable connection regardless of Wi-Fi connection. The camera incorporates multiple infrared blasters and receivers for night vision. Each unit houses a powerful omnidirectional speaker that functions with the two-way communication feature.

The system can detect potential danger and immediately notify the parent. Using the infrared sensors, the camera can pick up when a child is present. The system becomes armed and will warn of movement patterns and zone detection set up via the handheld monitor or via the app. LED notifications glow on each device to give constant stable status to the parent. Blue indicating safe, yellow indicating warning and red indicating danger.

Each device communicates with the hub on a secure propriety network independently of any internet connection. One month of footage can be stored locally to the removable SSD, accessible through the magnetic door on the hub. Wi-Fi is entirely optional, and can be used to view live and stored data via the app. If Wi-Fi is undesired, the user can disable it via the Wi-Fi kill switch on the hub and all app functions will still be available on the handheld monitor.

Keyshot, SolidWorks, Shapr3D, Final Cut Pro, Affinity Photo
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