Diamond-Back Chair

The diamond chair began with inspiration of the Sayl desk chair by Herman Miller. I was tasked with improving on the aesthetic design of an existing seating solution. I felt as though the form factor of a desk chair disrupted the flow of the back rest to arms and legs of the Sayl chair.

The main aspect kept from the Herman Miller Sayl chair was its unique trapezoidal backrest shape. Through foam modeling, I found that this shape flowed well with a lounge type of chair rather than the desk chair with casters. Through research, we found the ideal dimensions of a lounge chair, paired with utilizing augmented reality to ensure the chair fit perfectly within a room.

The final design utilizes pressed plywood for the legs, arms, and frame in a single sweeping motion for the chair. The spine folds over the top of the backrest and contains the adjustment mechanism for the headrest. Centered in the back rest is the diamond hole where the horizontal stabilizer is visible as it welcomes the user to take a seat. Rubber feet keep the chair firmly in place, reinforcing the sturdy feel of the construction.

Keyshot, SolidWorks, Shapr3D, Final Cut Pro, Affinity Photo
Sketching, Foam Modeling, CAD, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing and Rendering